10 Crazy Hot N Fluffy Stats @ 6 Months

Thank you! I appreciate's everyone trying our food, leaving reviews, providing constructive feedback and most of all, coming back again. 

We decided to list our funniest, weirdest and most surprising statistics

1 of 4 people order Chicken & Waffles (note, we added it to the menu a week before we opened). We're on our 9th commercial waffle maker. 

1232 Calories - The Atlanta our most popular sandwich

19,320 - The amount of biscuits we've made. People don't even know we're a biscuit shop yet!

72 - Times Lynn's been asked if this is a chain. No its not, its Stafford owned and operated. 

18 - Times people said they thought Hot N Fluffy was a laundry mat. :) 

1523 - Sweets in the last 45 days...

423 -  Most Popular Coupon: 50% off your Biscuit Sandwich. Least popular, Kamala's dip St. Patrick's day promotion at 15. I love you Kamala!!

1372 people have added gravy to the Chicken & Waffles!!

389 - Bottles of Mexican Coke. Thought about taking it off the menu, apparently those 89 people love it and have threatened us if we do! It's staying!!

6232 lbs of Lilly flour to make our biscuits

and the craziest number of them all, which we are eternally grateful for

3123 people have to been to Hot N fluffy 2 or more times since we've opened.

Words cannot express how much we appreciate your business and will work hard to continue to earn your business. Thank you 

- Lynn 






Lynn Drake