A few of our Favorite Southern Restaurants

If you can't make it to Hot N Fluffy, here's a few places you should go in your travels. 

Poole’s diner in Raleigh, NC is the closest to Hot N Fluffy. The Mac N Cheese is crazy expensive, but worth every penny.  It's "modern american diner", in the south... The Mac N Cheese... If you're stuck in Raleigh, the Yankee Southern place Beasley's is good to send all your New York friends to.  Pressured cooked Fried chicken, get the breast, it's still juicy. Oh, don't forget Ed's for real country southern food.  The salt in the sausage gravy...

As you travel down south, you stop in Charleston. You shouldn't need reason, if you do..  you can walk off your dinner downtown, the biscuits are decent and there's a place you need to eat at: McCrady’s. Don't tell anyone, but the drink menu is better...  Also, there's a place that converted a gas station to a great southern restaurant.  Ask a local, they keep it secret from the tourist. 

Just a quick interlude.. if these restaurants are a bit highfalutin, Here's a convenience store in New Orleans that serves great Fried Chicken. Yes, I had a leg and a thigh at 2:30 in the morning.. it was worth the 30 second wait and amazing.. I went back the next day just to make sure it wasn't Bourbon Street talking... Change of Chicken Topic... here's a spicy Fried Chicken joint in Memphis. It's a chain, so I can only speak to this location

Georgia and the rest of Tennessee for the next time. 

xxTell us where we should go next.